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JAMP Systems – Job Allocation Management and Production System – is a web-based software developed by NEGESCO company. A complex but easy to use software is created to help professionals with business management. The program is designed to convert complicated tasks - that every company faces on daily basis - into simple steps, making leading the company effortless and more efficient.

JAMP Financials software improves business finance management

NEGESCO group is working on developing the financial module, which will be integrated with JAMP Systems as well as work as a stand-alone software. The features include cost of business per hour, monthly reports, direct and indirect expenditures and many more. This module will help both small and large scale businesses in optimization of their business financial costs. The program is automated and calculates your income and expenses through invoices and financial documents, already embedded in JAMP systems.

Optimize your human resources department with JAMP software

It is time to switch to completely automated system for HR management. NEGESCO group is designing new software that will integrate punch clock, electronic submissions for day offs, calculating employee attendance and salaries with just one click. For better insight, HR Management software will generate disciplinary reports on any employee. This way you can have complete control with minimal effort.

About us

NEGESCO is an innovative business software development agency

NEGESCO - New Generation Software Company - is a young company with enthusiastic, experienced staff equipped with great ideas. We have developed a complex software which is incredibly easy to use.

Our group developed a software that will help sucessful leaders of large and small scale companies with efficient management, reducing time consuming tasks to just one click. To find out more about JAMP Systems, visit:

Our future plans include developing numerous programs that will help professionals with their work - creating user-friendly software to make the workflow effortless and efficient is our priority.

Negesco is a large-scale company that is aware of how complex can business management get. Without a smart and intuitive software it becomes an endless hassle. Our own experience and highly trained professionals under strict supervision helps us create a software that ease the management of your business.


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JTS Feature

JTS Feature

Job Tracking System is a sophisticated tool used to distribute job between employees and control their every step. Assign tasks and hours to users, keep track of accurate job progress and give specific instructions. jobs are divided into tasks and tasks are divided into trackers. So what exactly is a tracker? Well, it's quite simple actually. Tracker is the smallest step the employee takes to complete a job. Jobs are divided into tasks that can be assigned to different users. Tasks are then divided into trackers that user has to complete to finish the task. You might be wondering why do we need to divide an order into so many steps -  this is to ensure full control over how your employees work and have exact details about your job progress shown in percentage. However, the use of trackers is not mandatory, as the task itself might be extremely simple itself.



Big quantity of work that our companies receive on daily basis keeps us extremely busy, even though more work means greater income.  However, we can sometimes get overwhelmed with clutter of paperwork and too many orders. JAMP Systems is perfect solution for this kinds of cases as the impeccable system of jobs is integrated in the software.