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So what exactly is a kanban? Well, it's quite simple actually. Kanban is the smallest step the employee takes to complete a job. Jobs are divided into tasks that can be assigned to different users. Tasks are then divided into Kanbans that user has to complete to finish the task. You might be wondering why do we need to divide an order into so many steps -  this is to ensure full control over how your employees work and have exact details about your job progress shown in percentage. However, the use of Kanbans is not mandatory, as the task itself might be extremely simple itself.


To distribute the job when you receive the order, you assign tasks to different employees of your choice. These tasks come with trackers, small steps required to complete the task. As your employee completes each step, the trackers need to be ticked off. With each step, JAMP System knows that user is coming closer and closer to completing a job.  

These tasks, that contain the trackers, also have weights. Well, what are weights?


Task weights give you the ability to establish the difficulty of the task to make sure the job progress is calculated accurately. For example, let’s you have two tasks – Task A and Task B: Task A is an easy task that takes 20 minutes to complete, task B is a difficult task that takes 80 minutes to complete. If we do not take these times into consideration, completing task A would mean completing one of two tasks, therefore system would display job progress – 50%, which would be wrong, as only small part of the job has been completed. To calculate the job progress most accurately, you can use weights. If we say that the weight of task A is 20% and weight of task B is 80%, after completing task A, the job progress will display 20%, which will be an accurate number. To say it shortly, the more time it takes to complete the job – the more it weights. This way, you get accurate job progress. You can use the job progress to tell the client correctly what amount of work has already been completed and also, create invoices automatically according to the job progress. If job progress is 20% - you can create an invoices with total of 20% of the quote price. It can be generated automatically within seconds.


At the end of the day, you and your customers will be glad that you can accurately depict what amount of the job has been completed.