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JAMP Systems Beta-testing starts



The free open beta-testing of the JAMP Systems software begins in mid-April 2018. The years of effort of our company is coming to its finalizing steps - the JAMP Systems will be open for testing for the awaiting companies. We are confident that our experience, enthusiasm and teamwork has ensured the satisfaction of our future customers. We hope to make the work of professionals effortless and efficient with help of our software.

Beta-testing is crucial for complex and sophisticated softwares like JAMP Systems. Our team has been working tirelessly on developing, designing and improving this product for years. Our modules include:


Everything at one glance – get the general idea of the latest developments of your business with just one look at the dashboard.


JAMP Systems gives you the ability to keep track of the statistics in every aspect. Generate reports of your company, your tasks, detailed employee performance.


Users module makes it easier for you to manage and keep track of your employees. Access and edit user info easily.


In customers module, you can find the complete list of your every client, see their info, contacts, number of quotes and edit their details.


Libraries is one of the biggest module of our software, including over 40 000 items and materials. There are four libs – Items, Materials, Tasks and Actions.


Job module is the best way to keep track of your orders in an arranged manner. This is designed for you to easily find and access a job that you are looking for.


This module helps you distribute jobs between employees in the most efficient manner. Also, help you keep track of the progress, thanks to the smart system of individual steps called “Trackers”.


Job Tracking System was developed by an industrial engineer at Toyota to improve manufacturing efficiency. This are the smallest steps that employees have to complete, giving you the full control and ability to give very specific instructions, as well as keep track of the progress.


Jamp systems makes it easier to receive and manage orders. With this function, you can create proposals, set deadlines, create invoices and statements, create and easily access list of blocks and items in the quote. – all in one place.


We know how time-consuming can dealing with invoices be. Therefore, we made this process much simpler for you – generate any invoice with just one click.


Having a full control and being completely informed of every step our employees take to complete certain tasks is one of the primary concerns of every business leader. Event log automatically keeps track of every action of every user completed in the software. 


Users can created actions logs containing comments and notes regarding certain companies and quotes. These will be accessible by every users with permission to view Action log.


In the General List you can search for quotes instead of having to shuffle through different Companies and Customers. Here you can search by Customer, Type, Status, Dates, etc. and find every single Quote you’ve ever created.


Beta-Testers will receive the Enterprize package of JAMP Systems for free and will maintain free subscription for two months after the official release, which is planned in mid-August 2018. None of the information added to beta-testers account will be lost after the transition. If you are in charge of a large or small scale company and would like to receive JAMP Systems beta-testers package, please visit JAMP Systems website here: