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Big quantity of work that our companies receive on daily basis keeps us extremely busy, even though more work means greater income.  However, we can sometimes get overwhelmed with clutter of paperwork and too many orders. JAMP Systems is perfect solution for this kinds of cases as the impeccable system of jobs is integrated in the software.


When you have plenty of jobs, it can cause lot of hassle. Running a business keeps your mind busy, especially in the woodworking area. You can’t be in control of everything at the same time. You have to keep track of your employees, ensure high quality of your production, take care of finances. Our job system will help you concentrate on important issues at hand, instead of being distracted with routine work. JAMP Systems has job distribution tools that allows you to assign individual tasks of your orders to different employees. Tasks can also be divided into smaller steps called Trackers that allows you to have full control on your job progress, which is also shown in percentage.


To find out more about our Job Tracking System, keep an eye on our blog. JAMP System gives you accurate data about work progress, start date and finish date, therefore you can give more realistic details about the order to your clients. This is one of many issues that JAMP Systems can solve for you.


Job systems can arrange your orders into categories – Active jobs and redlines, quote and redline requests and recently completed jobs. You can navigate through them and have a good idea about your company’s recent orders, everything at one glance.


JAMP Systems is made specifically for the purpose of making your job easier instead of spending time on routine work and papers.