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JAMP Systems Libraries



The library function of JAMP Systems is probably one of the most convenient features we have to offer. Though the term library is a bit too vague, in reality there are four different kinds of libraries. There are the item, material, action, and task libraries. Each one has its own unique function that keep employees and products in check. Also, helps the process of job distribution and creating a quote.


To begin with, the items library is the most practical of the four. Every product or item that you will ever put in a quote, are stored in the Items Library. Here, you can organize them by categories and subcategories, while also adding images, time it takes to complete said product, description and more. For example, if you’re building and shipping different kinds of cabinetry, and it's a hassle to go through tens or hundreds of different kinds of cabinets, you can filter your products according to type - like wall cabinets and base cabinets, by the amount of shelves they have, or by any other filter you wish. The organizational possibilities are left completely up to you. Like we said before, the great thing about this library specifically is that anytime you get an order and need to create a quote for your customer, you can drop these items in the quote without any hassle and the prices will be calculated automatically.


Now what if you build these products? Some companies don't actually create a physical product, but there are some that do, especially in the woodworking industry. Each item in the item library can be assembled in the materials library. You can edit the materials it's made of, the size of the item, its components and the pricing. This comes especially in handy when a company needs to find the cost of their products when selling them. Material cost can be included in a quote with a single click.


While the items and materials libraries are related to products and items, the action and task libraries are a bit different. In the action library, you create sample actions that you can later use in Action Log to create logs regarding a certain quote. For example, changes or customer calls and requests that are not generally included in quote, but is essential information that you want to make a note about or share with other users. The task library is the area where you predetermine tasks for a purpose of job distribution. Each major task is broken down into trackers, which are small steps that employees have to take to complete a task. We will cover the Job Tracking System in subsequent post in detail.


Shortly, each and every library has its own unique features that help complete and aid other parts of JAMP Systems. Though simple, they do a lot in the background to help each and every company to succeed in cutting down on wasting time for such minor things.