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It's always extremely pesky to have to deal with a lot of paperwork. It’s a hassle to organize it and to find the right documents when you need it the most. With this in mind, we decided to offer digital quotes and invoices. With the help of JAMP Systems, you have your complete database at your fingertips and you can manage it all with just a few clicks.


Creating a quote is unbelievably easy. First you access your customer list, choose the customer and create a quote for them. You can drop the items in the quote, like wall cabinets, or solid surface countertops. Complete data that is linked to those items will follow automatically: The time it takes to work on the product and the description of the item are already there without having to lift another finger. Also, you can add material cost to the quote with single click. You have complete control over the status and submission of the quote. You can still edit the quote after it’s submitted, however it creates a copy so that if you ever need to look at the original version, you can.


Alongside that, when you create and finally submit the quote, there are few things that come with it. Work orders and statements are linked to said quote and whatever items you have in your quote will show up in work orders when creating tasks for your employees while statements will show how much money your customer still owes you. This is obviously a plus for any type of business, but for smaller businesses or shop owners who don’t have much experience with finances or money management, this makes their life a whole lot easier.


All in all, the quotes in JAMP Systems bring a lot of features and tie together many components that the woodworking and other industries can very much benefit from.