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What is JAMP Systems?




What is JAMP Systems? Well, shortly, it’s called “Job Allocation Management and Production System”, but in reality, it is so much more. JAMP Systems simply is an online based software that has a wide range of capabilities to offer to both small and large business owners to manage anything from job tracking to employee efficiency.


Business owners, whether they own a small or large business, have quite a lot of tedious and annoying work to do that takes up too much of their time. For some, it’s constantly writing quotes and invoices, but for others it can get as bad as regularly tracking jobs, keeping files on customers, keeping track of different items and cabinetry that their customers would like and even figuring out how much they’ve made off of one customer. These small, yet important things can have detrimental effects on a company. JAMP systems keeps it all in one place for you, ties it together and gives you constant and accurate feedback on all of it.


You can keep all of your customers in one place, with their contact information alongside them and easily search for any one of them whenever you need. On the dashboard, you can display how much you’ve made off of each customer, how many jobs you’ve received from them and any other data you can imagine. Each quote is tied to its own invoice and work order and each work order has smaller tasks broken down inside of it, designed to be efficiently distributed to each employee and even then those individual jobs have trackers alongside them to track the progress of that job. There is even a library that keeps all your items in it, such as cabinetry, which is especially useful for businesses in the woodworking industry. Jobs are tracked and can also be seen by your customers, allowing them and you to feel at ease while you’re working.


Other than their files, jobs, and customers, a business owners also wonders if their employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, if they’re working hard enough or just slacking off. JAMP Systems even tracks their work and their actions. Through reports, you can see each and every employee’s efficiency and success rate through their jobs. The event and action logs also show what each employee does with each job, in case they aren’t doing their job, or doing something they’re not supposed to be doing.


At the end of the day, to say simply what JAMP Systems is, is that it is a complete lifesaver. JAMP Systems wasn’t originally created as a product, but was made by a business owner originally directed towards the woodworking industry, who wanted to get rid of all the small pesky tasks that were too time consuming and it turned out that others could use it too.